Join the effective and ethic communication journey that brings solutions to your projects without leave your values behind the scene

I'm Malü and I really believe assertive communication can bring new ways to live in this planet

Probably you are familiar with all kind of services, tools or products that promise amazing changes in the world, even magic and “ease” solutions.

So, if you think you are reading something related, let me tell you why my work is not in the same path.

Everything start as an adventure

In my childhood I spent months travelling with my family trough different cities of Colombia, almost on holidays. During our trips I used to draw a lot, listen my father telling us stories and then creating new ones by myself.

The hours registering our adventures and the invention of languages to ‘share’ my stories with other planets inhabitants, gave me the nickname ‘Maya’, the galactic girl of the family. Then I realized the power behind stories and how they can model our perception of reality. We are all able to live learning from others (human and more than human) updating our stories as much as we want.

Years later I get some degrees in the magic schools of creativity
(I mean, communication, visual design and arts)


Helping design professionals to create with regenerative principles and learn to evolve together


3M creatives root their talents and go together through the eco-social transition with care, resilience and sovereignty


Empathy, Discovery, Process, Togetherness