Hey! I'm Malü. I'm a curious animal & imaginator.

I’m into exploration, creativity and Spiritual Ecology. Through drawing, writing and ancient practices like hand healing I help people to regenerate the way they live in this planet, in balance with nature and all kind of beings.

Some of the amazing clients I’ve worked with


I help you to learn about the links between disciplines

Are you a designer wanting to explore spiritual ecology in your projects? A musician wanting to proof water sound as a healing instrument? An art director searching sustainable materials to your projects? Or maybe a visual artist fascinated with mycelium and trying to mimic how it works?

“The question “What is Life?” is… a linguistic trap. To answer according to the rules of grammar, we must supply a noun, a thing. But life on Earth is more like a verb. It repairs, maintains, re-creates, and outdoes itself.“

- Lynn Margulis

What is Life? (1995)
About Me

I will help you to learn new ways to create in balance with nature

I have 9+ years of experience exploring education workflows, applying creative processes into physical and digital educative experiences. I´m some professionals in one: visual and experience designer, art director, digital illustrator, muralist and apprentice of researcher. I believe in the multiple connections between our micro and macro ecosystems. I`m driven by the mix and match of  disciplines and the innovative approach when we get when we link natural and social sciences to generate positive changes in society.