Hi, I'm Malü

Symbiotic Designer

I believe we are nature. I design from the heart and with living systems thinking.

Symbiotic Designer

I create brand universes for wellbeing, from an holistic perspective


I run a podcast about design & regeneration called Creación Regenerativa


I help people feel better with Reiki & Sound Healing sessions

Digital Illustrator

I create 2d characters, comics & zines


I facilitate regenerative creativity sessions


I sing and create experimental songs


I run an online academy for design freelancers wanting to learn about slow life

I was named the 
galactic girl of the family..

As a child, I used to invent languages and talk to plants and animals.

I invite you to create together

Be My Co-Creator

The future is about mixing and matching.

Be My Student

Reveal your creativity in private and group sessions online.

Be My Client

Let's bring you ideas to life, together!

Let's Design with Soul

If you’re interested in spiritual ecology, regeneration and creativity, systems thinking, then say hello!